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SPDs/In-House Coloring

Do-It-Yourself In-House Liquid Coloring

New system allows any processor to create their own color standards, blend their own colors and save over 50% in coloring costs.


  • Produce precision formula based blends gravimetrically
  • Speed up new product development
  • THOUSANDS of colors made from a FEW base colors
  • Inventory “Base” SPD pigments ONLY
  • Single-Pigment dispersions (SPDs) supplied by RIVERDALE
  • Color matching services available by RIVERDALE or with optional in-house color development lab software


  • Color containers recycled
  • Color remaining in “empty” drums recycled
  • NOTHING enters the landfill
  • Blend only as needed - Eliminate left over inventory
  • Liquid color reduces energy consumption


Option 1: Install color development lab with SPDs in order to develop new color standards
Option 2: Install color lab and small production set-ups for small orders and order larger quantities from RIVERDALE
Option 3: Install color lab and full liquid production capability for complete in-house color blending
Any plastics processor worldwide can now establish their own In-House Liquid Coloring Program using Riverdale Color's SPD Technology.
Riverdale Color has been manufacturing liquid color for the past 45 years. Through these years we have developed SPD (Single Pigment Dispersion) Technology, which is used internally to make custom color products for customers. The SPD method starts with pre-dispersion of each individual pigment. The pre-dispersion is then milled for full color development with consistent viscosity and quality.
Recently, Riverdale implemented an advanced Computer Controlled Blending System to improve quality and reduce cost. This system greatly reduces the potential for human error in the blending of color, while precisely controlling the accuracy of each color component to within one gram.
Riverdale Color is now giving direct access to SPD Technology to our customers. The combination of our computer controlled blending system and our SPD Technology has made proprietary In-House Coloring achievable by any processor.
SPD Liquid Color has numerous benefits giving the end user or the end processor the opportunity to control their color development and the manufacturing of their colors. The SPD approach will cut color development time back dramatically by avoiding the delay of third party color match and color production.
Benefits of Liquid Color and the SPD Program
  • Liquid color is typically 20 - 40 % cheaper than pelletized color concentrate. Using SPDs for in-house coloring, savings on freight and small lot surcharges will provide 20% to 35% cost saving versus shipping in compounded liquid color. Combined savings can be 50% or better.
  • With a wide range of color SPDs a large number of color standards can be created by blending the desired SPDs together similar to the paint store color match concept.
  • In-house coloring will allow the processor to make any size batch to minimize inventory of specific colors and avoid small lot surcharges from the color manufacturer.
  • Also, liquid fits sustainability objectives by using less energy in all segments of its use.
    • Less energy to make liquid versus color concentrate.
    • Less fuel used to ship liquid because their let downs are generally much less then pellet therefore less transportation costs.
    • Also at the injection molders and extrusion facilities less energy is consumed because liquid improves flow with less torque and lower temperatures.
Adding to this, unlike any other Color manufacturer in the world, Liquid or Concentrate, Riverdale has an exclusive working relationship with an experienced supplier of color metering equipment. Maguire Products, Inc., who provides service support for all Riverdale Color installations. This close equipment support is unique in the industry and in the world. In addition to support, Maguire can and does provide custom equipment solutions to Riverdale's customers, bringing real technical support and ideas to each customer's unique process requirements.
This alliance with Maguire has already produced the new innovative Pump-In-A-Drum® system (PIAD), a proprietary color delivery system exclusive to Riverdale customers. PIAD is a delivery system that is clean, without the mess normally associated with liquid color. Drums are never opened, and when empty, are returned to Riverdale eliminating disposal costs as well as providing you a credit for any color remaining in the drum at the time of refill.
Packaging companies, compounders and injection and extrusion companies can use this technology to help reduce costs, speed up color development and provide the same consistent product worldwide.
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